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The first season of Life is Strange comes to an end with the fifth episode; this was known from the beginning. But now declared when you can count on the brilliant finale.

Life is Strange: The finale has a release date

Dontnod Entertainment has announced an expected release date for the final episode of Life is Strange. If nothing intervenes, the fifth episode called Polarized will be released on November 20, 2015 in the digital marketplace. First, however, the certification must be passed, but this should not be a problem. The developers have now already announced the date as protagonist Max&8217; Had a birthday and they therefore obliged looked to make you the date a joy. If still something to change in the release date, we report it. Whether there will be a second season, is currently unclear.

When Life is Strange her take on the role of Max, a young lady who has the ability to reverse the time and so to change events. The game is known above all because it turns you from some very serious testing. It covers topics such as euthanasia and suicide and made the player the scope of his or her decisions drastic way.

The teaser trailer for Polarized you see here:

621Life is Strange Polarized Episode 5 Trailer

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