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The PDF document format has become an indispensable part of the software world. In particular, the platform independence speaks for the format, and finally can thus documents between different computers back and hertransferieren, no loss of formatting or changes in the structure of the document having to accept. If you have several documents on the computer, the question arises whether to Adobe Reader can merge download PDFs after.

This is for. As needed when compiling an application in PDF format and several testimonies, the cover letter and other documents a single file wants to create for sending.

With Adobe Reader PDF not join possible

But it must be said from the outset that the joining of PDF in Adobe Reader does not work. As the name implies, Adobe Reader is a program for reading PDF files, but not to create or edit. One option for joining PDF in Adobe Reader do not exist therefore. In order to still combine multiple pages in Adobe Reader in a document you some tricks can operate. So there is a variety of PDF tools that allow the assembly of PDF documents. As a result, these can also easily view in Adobe Reader. Examples are the tools PDFCreator or 7-PDF Split & Merge. If the documents in .doc or .odf-format, they can also easily with a text editor such. B. OpenOffice Writer or Microsoft Word are combined to a document and then displayed as a merged PDF in Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader PDF Merge
To merge PDF files for Adobe Reader, additional tools must be used

Adobe Reader PDF Merge &# 8211; detours

At the Summarize Documents one should note that all of the formatting is applied and the PDF result meeting the desire. Especially when working with various word processing programs can occur between versions to other representations, as in the original version of the document. If you have documents such. B. collected the application documents, including cover letter, CV and references to a file, can this save as a PDF file and display the result with the Adobe Reader.

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