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Lenovo ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation PCs was with the &# 8220; Lenovo Customer Feedback Program&# 8221; discovered a software that collect already more than a year user data and to send to the company. After the scandals surrounding Super Fish and Lenovo Service Engine in the BIOS, the company provides customers a further test of confidence. According to the official description of Lenovo itself to the &# 8220; spyware&# 8221; automatically uninstall after 3 months, but that does not seem to happen after countless user specifications. You have to manually intervene.

Lenovo collects user data to ThinkPad, Thinkcentre & amp; ThinkStation PCs

Lenovo Customer Feedback Program analyzes user behavior

Lenovo is after recent scandals under increased observation and must now explain why certain software analyzes user behavior and sends the data to the company once again. Users get from what happened in other respects nothing, because the software &# 8220; Lenovo Customer Feedback Program&# 8221; launches daily automatically with Windows and works in the background. The software is to investigate which of the supplied Lenovo software is actually used by users, according to official figures. The data is collected anonymously and sent for analysis to Lenovo &# 8211; without the prior consent of the user.

The program should automatically uninstall actually after 90 days and disappear from the PC. Still, that does not seem to happen according to some user information searching on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on older devices afterwards. There, the software can also be found and apparently continue to collect diligently on information. First, the software is found on two ThinkPad Refurbished devices with Windows 7, which used were purchased from Lenovo. Meanwhile, the software has been discovered but probably also to brand new devices are available directly from the manufacturer and so commercially.

Remove software manually

Anyone who has an affected device, the software can also uninstall manually and thus free themselves from the acquisitiveness of the manufacturer. According to Lenovo, one should in the program management entry &# 8220; Lenovo Experience Improvement&# 8221; Search and uninstall. So the complete spy software is to be removed from the system.

What do you say to the analysis of user behavior by Lenovo?

Source: computerworld | boing boing via golem