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By making the roster download, you can now create services and shift schedules for your business and manage.

With the roster download software is offered that provides you with a roster editor that lets you create by only a few clicks services and shift schedules for up to 99 employees and manage. This software gives you the option to store employee data to design planning tables and to define different services. In addition, you can define up to 18 service codes and specific regulations concerning our services and have a permanent overview of the frequency and the standards of services for each day. Here, all data entered are edited at any time from you.

Another feature is the automatic guided time account for your employees, so you always have an accurate overview of the work and absences of your employees. The specific services your employees and frequency with which a particular service is running, you can see. With the leave management and planning of the holiday and representation times is easily doable. It also allows you the user administration to grant access to the service plan management and other employees of your company, or assign this task to any existing personnel administrator.

Another feature of the software that your rosters are printable and the expression is identical to the content of the editor window. Furthermore, it corresponds to the usual forms for rosters and is easily manageable.