Uplay: Change email address – how it works

In addition to EA with Origin and Ubisoft has its own digital distribution platform called Uplay. You want to play video games developer and publisher, you can download you this also mostly on Steam. Some games, however, Uplay is mandatory. We tell you in this short guide on how you can change the e-mail address with your Uplay account. 

In order to sign you in Uplay, you need in addition to a username and the Date of birth, also one E-mail address and of course a Password. Do you have your e-mail changed, for example, you should also change on many platforms the new address so that you, the password can be sent, for example, if you have forget it. We tell you in this guide to Uplay, like her on your account change E-Mail address can.

Ubisoft is 30 and the employee spill the beans:

10041Ubisoft - Turning 30

Uplay &# 8211; Account: So you can change the e-mail

to change your e-mail address in Uplay, is not difficult. You can find the settings in your Account information. Just go, follow these steps to change your e-mail address:

  1. Navigates to the German Uplay website.
  2. Click above right Log in and cast your data in order to sign up.
  3. Observed is that ye Login no longer with your username can, but need only take the e-mail address that you have given her at registration.
  4. Is now looking after the button account information, which can be found right next to your profile.
  5. Here you can change some data, among others the e-mail address.
  6. Information, such as your birth date or country can not be changed manually. Do you want to encourage this, however, you've got to log in to the support.

So you start to offline mode at Uplay

Click on the Change button next to your email address. (Source: support.ubi.com)Click on the Change button next to your email address. (Source: support.ubi.com)

Thus Ubisoft can accept the change, now get her an e-mail. Follow the link or copy it into the address bar of your browser to access the specified page. Here you have now even your new email address. Now you will receive another mail with the confirmation of the change.

Uplay Email does not matter?

If no e-mail, it just tried again and let you send another. Look in your Spam Folder to determine if the change e-mail might not be landed here. The e-mail is sent from [email protected] so give on to your e-mail provider that this address trusted senders is. Does all this does not work, you should the Contact Support Uplay or Ubisoft.


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