Paintball Injuries: statistics and how to avoid them

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Paintball also enjoys great popularity in Germany. In the tactical team sport bombarding each other with paint balls. If you are hit, you retire from the current round. As with any sport, injuries will not cease even when paintball. Our guide takes you statistics and information about common paintball injuries.

Paintball Injuries: statistics and how to avoid them

What are the most common injuries in sports tactics, how to avoid them and what rules should be strictly observed, learn it in our guide.

Paintball Injuries: statistics

According to US statistics Paintball is one of the poorest injury sports. the injured persons from 1,000 participants in the relevant sport were specified in the statistics:


Injuries per 1,000 participants per year

American Football3.8
To run0.8


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Paintball: Avoid injury

When the so-called paintball marker is used, the verschießt paintball balls over gas pressure. This paintball balls consist of a gelatin shell filled, the balls having a water-soluble color. Basically Paintball in Germany is forbidden in public. can be played only on specially designated private land or in special paintball halls.

  • The Paintball balls are shot at high pressure from the markers. If you are hit at close range, bruises are inevitable.
  • provide common paintball rules that a shooting at close range is prohibited.
  • To take the opposing players out of the game is rather by a verbal signal z. B. simulates the Call of the word "Gotcha," a shot.

Paintball: Order Protective clothing online*

To avoid injury, you should not do without protective clothing.

  • Highly recommended is the use of a helmet to avoid the risk of head or even eye injury.
  • In unprotected head hits out very close to the loss of sight threatening.
  • Also bruises can be painful. Therefore, it should not be dispensed with a protective vest.
  • With a wide-cut sweatpants to dampen strikes cause.
  • Gloves and a scarf for the neck should also be tightened.
  • In addition, it is recommended to use saver for elbows, the groin and other sensitive areas.
  • you should refrain principle to the use of red paint paintball.
  • Red color is indistinguishable from a serious, bloody wound after being hit. Remains a wound unnoticed, this can bring health consequences.
shutterstock_16315093Indispensable: The right paintball equipment

Injuries in paintball games

Paintball is a sport movement. Common injuries such as bruises, fractures, ligament strains, etc. often can not be avoided, however, are not directly related to the sport of paintball, but can be in other sports, such as found again in the recreational soccer. To avoid injury of this kind, one should not give up an extensive warm-up before the next round. In addition, a mutual respect and the lack of daring actions apply as with all sports. A decent footwear ensures that you do not bends away or slipping while walking and thus an unnecessary infringement incurs in paintball.

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