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The Wollnys are a family with their own reality show TV series on RTL 2 & a large number of children, each of whom got its own name. but they do not mean Sabine, Thomas & Andreas, but are equipped with some rather unusual first name. Here you will find the names of Wollny and the statements that they have for the particular proper names of their children.

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The Wollnys are an extremely famous extended family in Germany since 2011th The station RTL 2 documents life in Neuss in a separate series and the leaves of drama, nothing missing scandal and lively entertainment. People who watch the series, may have noticed that the Wollnys not wear the usual names but were rather with creative names.

Mother Silvia and father Dieter have been very inspired in this regard, have it but also a tangible reason as mother Silvia manifested against the InTouch: &# 8220; Our three elders called Jessica, Sascha and Patrick. If you have the recalled on the playground, usually five more turned around, and their names were the same way.&# 8221;

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The Wollnys names are the names of the 11 children

In various interviews with the tabloid media, mother Wollny has left out from time to time on the specific names of their children and their origin and meaning. This accumulated knowledge, we enter on to you:

  • Loredana is the youngest Wollny model. The name was in 1908 by Luciano Zuccoli for the heroine of his novel L&8217; amore di Loredana invented. It is based on the name of an old Venetian patrician family, but is also associated with the word for laurel. The family name comes from the place Loredan Loreo. The Wollnys met this name during a Spain holiday.
  • Estefania is the Spanish version of the name Stefanie. One of the cohabitees by Dieter Bohlen was the inspiration for this designation. Dieter Wollny has the same birthday as the pop star.
  • Calantha is pronounced Kelenta and comes from a Western. Correct and complete her name Calantha-Lelanie. We just yet research from which Western this name comes &# 8211; if you already know, but please leave a comment.
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  • Jeremy Pascal got two names because the parents could not agree, which is nice of them.
  • Sarah Jane was actually a twin. Since her sister did not survive the seventh month, the rest of the girls got both names.
  • Lavinia comes from a hit that has Silvia Wollny very much. We found only a popular singer named Lavinia Laaks&# 8230;
  • Sylvana owes its name to her birthday exactly at Sylvester.
  • Sarafina has the unspectacular name background well, because it was named after a favorite movie of Mother Wollny &# 8211; Sarafina with Whoopi Goldberg.

The Wollnys you see now regularly in the seventh season in the live stream & TV on RTL 2. Maybe soon with marriage proposal from Harald.

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