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On eBay, you can automatically offer &# 8211; which is extremely handy if you're even just not there, but still do not want to miss the end of the auction. In the following article, we show you different ways you can offer automatically on eBay.

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automatically bid on eBay &# 8211; through eBay itself

One option on eBay to automatically offer is the automated bid system from eBay. When bidding on an item, you can directly your maximum sum specify &# 8211; eBay then offers up to this sum. The whole thing works like this:

  1. Clicking on the sale available on bidding.
  2.  In the next window you give not only the bid price, but a "maximum bid.
  3. Then you need only to confirm the price.
  4. Is exceeded by another competitor your maximum bid, eBay sends you an automatic notification via email.
  5. Read also withdraw the article eBay bid - how it works! To learn how you withdraw a bid.

The whole thing is a useful feature, because it does not require any additional software, on the other hand, prices are rapidly driven up, if another bidder also delivers a maximum bid.

  • Advantage: No additional software
  • Disadvantage: Potentially faster price rise

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automatically bid on Ebay &# 8211; by software

Another option on eBay automatically offer are special programs that place a bid for you on eBay. One such program is the Bid-O-Matic software we want to introduce you briefly below.

Bid-O-Matic is an automated bidding agent, in which you can specify maximum bids for individual offers. Bid-O-Matic then monitors the auction and are nearing the end of the auction time your maximum bid. The principle is similar to the automatic bid system from eBay, but Bid-O-Matic offers to the following benefits:

  • Better overview, by grouping of offers by category
  • can read to find out and also display the Guide eBay item number
  • Management of multiple logins and accounts
  • Translation of foreign currencies
  • Offer is made only in the last second: Other providers have little time to respond to the offer

The last point makes the biggest difference because Bid-O-Matic provides only a few seconds before the auction ends. Other bidders have so little opportunity to your offer to respond. That sounds tempting initially, but should remember her that other people can also use Bid-O-Matic &# 8211; and in this case you have left behind. According to eBay's terms and conditions of use of such bidding agents is therefore prohibited &# 8211; although it is not directly prohibited by law. In any case, you should be clear that eBay substantially less attractive as a platform, if any such software utilized. More about bidding agents be found in the article How useful is an Ebay bidding agent.

  • Advantage: offers are made at the last second, sorting of offers
  • Disadvantage: Unfair advantage over Mitbietenden


automatically bid on eBay &# 8211; with websites

offer automatically you can on eBay with relevant websites. Two of the more popular offerings are

  • Bietfuchs
  • Gixen

Here, too, before you give one to a maximum offer, the website offers then in the last second for you. As with the software Bid-O-Matic you can sort the offers previously here. In order to use the services of these two websites, you've got to advance, however, register with the site, as well as your eBay credentials are stored on the web pages. While operators assure that nothing further is done with the data &# 8211; really sure the whole thing is not.

  • Advantage: See Software
  • Night part: eBay data to third parties

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