Minecraft: manufacture, dyeing and connect Glass – How it works

We'll tell you how to make glass in Minecraft how to dye it connects and what properties has still fascinating material in the game.

Minecraft: manufacture, dyeing and connect Glass - How it worksSource: A very talented glassblower is forming and shaping glass in a studio for glass making. He is creating a fluted bowl from this piece of molten glass. - Shutterstock

Minecraft: manufacture, dyeing and connect glass &# 8211; That's how it's done

Glass in a Minecraft both in the form of a glass-block and in the form of a glass sheet. We show you how manufactures both in-game items.

Crafting of glass blocks

Glass blocks provide it forth of sand and a combustible material in the furnace:


It does not matter if it red or &# 8220; normal&# 8221; Sand used, both are suitable for the production of glass blocks. The bottom of the oven placed her a fuel of your choice, so boards, sprout, coal, etc. For each block sand you get a block of glass.

Glass is not naturally produced in the world of Minecraft, it was therefore always produced artificially. Besides its own production of glass can also be purchased at villagers.

Glass has in Minecraft are some other interesting features:

  • On it no monsters can spawn nor can they see through a player through the transparent material.
  • Torches can on glass, but are not placed on the side of glass.
  • Only if you have a tool with the enchantment Gingerly, can you break down the glass so that you can then collect it again.
  • On glass blocks snow does not &# 8220; are&# 8221 ;.

manufacture of glass

Also, glass can be produced in Minecraft. For this one first needs a minimum of six glass blocks:

minecraft-glass pane-the-counter


Of six blocks you get 16 slices directly.

In addition to glass panes you can also produce glass bottles, which are necessary for Potions: Minecraft: brew potions brewing stand crafting - with recipes easy.


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stain glass and connect &# 8211; That's how it's done

To color glass in Minecraft, her glass blocks and dye needs:


On eight blocks and a dye coming eight colored glass blocks. The glass is colored differently depending on the dye.

Glass panes can not stain, however, sheets of colored blocks can be produced. They also have to connect automatically as iron railings or fences with neighboring blocks, and of course with neighboring glass panes the property. That a glass pane automatically connect to a block, you can not stop, unfortunately.

What can else you do with glass?

Glass can you not only use for windows or skylights, it is also required for the following recipes:

Daylight sensor

minecraft-light sensor

For that you need:

  • 3 Glass Block
  • 3 Netherquarz
  • 3 wooden stage



For that you need:

  • 5 glass block
  • 1 Netherstern
  • 3 Obsidian

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