ProSieben Live Stream: 7TV or Magine TV? (Comparison)

You want ProSieben pursue Stream LIVE? On the PC (in the browser) or tablet and smartphone? No problem, there are two very good solutions: 7TV as the official app and the free and very popular Magine. Only what is better? So much first: Only Magine * is also available for the browser.

ProSieben Live Stream: 7TV or Magine TV? (Comparison)123413ProSieben Live track with the 7Pass

To free live TV streaming over Magine in the browser*

ProSieben Live Stream over 7TV:

7TVRecently, there is an official app of ProSiebenSat.1, which allows ProSieben, Sat.1, kabel Sixx and to pursue one in the live stream. Although there were already ProSieben Connect, but here you can get a few already-air broadcasting. The new app has now for the first time an integrated live streaming. There's only one problem: With less than three euros a month, it is not cheap.

  • There is a library, where you can watch past programs, but the selection is still (?) Quite low.
  • The live stream will cost a 30-day test phase 2.99 euros per month.
  • Only the ProSiebenSat.1 group available.
  • 7TV is not available abroad.
  • There are 7TV apps for Android, iOS and Windows 8.1 available. The browser 7TV can not use it. Here you have * recourse to Magine.

ProSieben Live Stream over Magine TV:

Magine TV Free StreamingMagine is a Swedish company that has set out to revamp the TV market. So not only the stream of ARD, ZDF and the third party is free, and the German private broadcasters and ZDF and ARD in HD can be no fees stream on your PC or smartphone.

  • Magine * is free and should remain so: magine TV: "Live Streams of private broadcasters remain free&# 8221;
  • Magine offers a total of 60 stations streaming LIVE: magine TV: These transmitters are available (for free)
  • Magine does not provide complete library, but certain programs (such as matches of the 2014 World Cup), you can also watch time-shifted: magine TV: See reps
  • Magine is currently only available in Germany.
  • Magine can be used on the smartphone (iOS and Android) and a browser. One is with respect to PCs so do not rely on using Windows 8.1.

To free live TV streaming over Magine in the browser*

30909Magine TV

7TV or Magine TV &# 8211; What is better?

Currently we Magine like a bit better. Not only that, the service is free, it also offers more channels and works quite reliably to our experience. Only a proper library would be desirable. In 7TV it is incomprehensible especially that the library is still so poorly filled. Why can not stream all Simpsons episodes or download? That would be a real argument!

To free live TV streaming over Magine*

Download 7TV for Windows, Android and iOS

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