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Bless Online – Complete info at GIGA

Bless is a Free2Play MMORPG from Korea, focused by means of two fractions on the fight realm vs realm. It goes into epic battles with several hundreds of players simultaneously high here. 8 classes, 10 races and the two factions Unión and Hiero Bless should offer something for every taste. Similar to Black Desert online...


The Pimps Download free – GIGA

The Pimps is a free online role-playing game in which you feel can work your way as a simple Ganster the biggest pimp of all time. For an Original Gangster (OG) heard it, befitting act: Not for boring because this action is called for. And status icons for your own "street credibility&# 8221; are not...


Fallout: New Vegas play – GIGA

More downloads are available: The Fallout series is undoubtedly one of the most popular action RPGs in recent years. Despite the fact oppressive mood &# 8211; after a global nuclear war is no longer much of civilization is left &# 8211; it is the makers have succeeded again and again to make the nuclear wasteland...


download Emily free – – Delicious GIGA

Join Emily, her friends and family on a completely new, fantastic adventure in Delicious &# 8211; Emily&# 8217; s Holiday Season Deluxe! In the fifth episode of the hit series Delicious Emily celebrates Christmas in the village Snuggford where two boys are after her. But for what it should decide? Now load the latest hit...


Assassin’s Creed: Origins

More downloads are available: Assassin&# 8217; s Creed goes to the next episode. With Origins, the player enters the ancient Egypt and is the presumed Urspüngen the Assassin to the ground. Before this part was done yet codenamed Empire. But the official name Assassin&# 8217; s Creed Origins already allows conclusions about the contents of...