Samsung Galaxy S4 make faster: With these settings, it works

Fast, it will be faster! The Samsung Galaxy S4 with its 1.6GHz quad-core processor and its 2GB of RAM, although already a pretty fast smartphone. But you can make the device even more quickly with a few settings. We show you what you must do exactly her for it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 make faster: With these settings, it works

Samsung Galaxy S4 make faster: How to

A very simple and just as effective away to your Galaxy S4 to be made more quickly when going on their settings at the animation speed. But you have to do that? Well, you were certainly not be here if we did not have an answer. So, let's go:

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enable developer mode: Samsung Galaxy S4

First of all, you have to activate the developer mode of your Galaxy S4. Sounds complicated, but it is not. All information to you will also find in this article, below there is a summary of the whole thing:

  • Quickly opens the system settings of your Galaxy S4
  • Clicking over there (slow or fast as you like it) to the options-menu
  • You can find the point at the bottom: About device. click it
  • Now you can show what you have on it: Click 7 times (quick) succession on the shaded point "build number". Here, a countdown is displayed (if you have not done before) and after 7 Click the Developer mode is enabled. Since I have done this on my device that looks like this:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Schneller make-3

Samsung Galaxy S4: make Finally everything faster

So after you have so now get deeper access rights to your device, it can continue.

  • Clicks you now back to the options menu, where you can now find the resulting magically point developer options. Opens with a click
  • Note: If you do not so exactly know what they mean the individual points here rather let the fingers of the other things, because you can also mischief quickly here.
  • The relevant points you to make your Galaxy S4 faster, located under the heading "drawing" and read: Windows animation scale,  Transition animation size and Animation time scale
  • All these three points are on the default tab &# 8220; 1x&# 8221; set, that should now change. So you can set the value to either &# 8220; 0.5&# 8243; reduce or eliminate the animation completely. If you decide on the latter, the closing and opening of apps can be edited and not as fancy, but everything goes a little faster. And faster a is exactly what we want here.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Schneller make-7

Of course you can also make things more slowly, thus ensuring smoother animations, but the values ​​must simply be increased only.

If you are looking for Other useful tips & Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S4 are, just have a look here

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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks: use gesture control
  • Delete Preloaded Apps: Here's the Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Disable S Voice: How it works
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips & Tricks: Setting up an individual vibration patterns


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Android 7.0 nougat: Release and Features – Which features the update brings?

Android 7.0 nougat is Google's new operating system for smartphones and tablets. The successor to Android 6.0 Marshmallow wants to extend battery life and make multitasking Mobile-capable. The final release of Android 7.0 nougat is already published. But what are the Sparks Onen? Here you can find the information.

Android 7.0 nougat: The new features at a glance

24156Android N: New Features Overview

Android 7.0 nougat: Release - When will the new operating system?

Android 7.0 Nougat is published by Google now final and is as always first on the Nexus smartphones try. Which smartphones and tablets get the update, you can see in our Android 7.0 nougat device list. The final release of Android N was planned in the third quarter. Google has published accordingly on 22/08/2016.

Android n-preview-development schedule

Android 7.0 nougat: Functions - This is (again) new

Android 7.0 comes with a lot nougat finishing touches and partially removed earlier functions are reintegrated. Around 250 new features Android will accommodate 7.0 nougat, but most happen under the hood. We have yet picked out the most interesting ones.

Improved Quick Settings & Notifications

If you pull down the quick settings, you now see as in previous versions of Android again immediately some settings such as Wi-Fi, flight mode etc. that you can on or off. So a repeated wiping is no longer necessary. You too can a calculator on the quick sets, and you can start each setting tiles also edit and customize. How this works on Android 6.0, learn it here: Android 6.0 Marshmallow: 7 professional tips to follow suit.

Quick settings are displayed after one wipe and settings can be edited. Source: Caschys blog.Quick settings are displayed after one wipe and settings can be edited. Source: Caschys blog.

If you notifications taps longer opens a new menu where you have new options to the message. You may be able, for example, mute or block. That brings us to the six priorities that can allocate their notifications now:

  • Blocked: Never Shows notifications.
  • Minimal: Shows silent notifications to the bottom of the notification list.
  • Low: Displays silent alerts.
  • Normal: Notifications can also be done with sound.
  • High: Sound and Peek notifications are enabled.
  • Urgent notifications appear at the top of the list, have Peek and use sound.

We activated their function and use, learn here: 7.0 nougat Android: Set priority notifications.

Improved battery life & faster start

Hallelujah: In Android 7.0 nougat Google pays particular attention to the battery duration. The resting state and Doze mode will now also immediately save power when the display is turned off. Earlier this worked only when the smartphone was some time still. At rest, the apps running sync much less. Presumably, the smartphones are thus not hold equal to 3 days, but it is an important step away from the socket Steckerei.

Start Photogallery(8 pictures)7 smartphone features that no one really needs

Android 7.0 nougat should also thanks to the function Direct boat launch faster than Android 6.0 Marshmallow: In addition to the battery has also been working on the boat speed. So far, however, the function is not yet reliable enough.

Structured settings menu, night mode and emergency information

The settings in Android 7.0 nougat been revised. They are now much more structured and clearer. the main settings can be accessed via a sidebar. In addition, frequently used settings at the top of the screen are displayed.

Android: the evening and night are automatically adjusted to display colors.Android: the evening and night are automatically adjusted to display colors.

In the settings, now you can also set up a night mode. Here, the display emits less blue and more red tones, which protect the eyes and should work less tiring. Android 6.0 can the already implemented with the function Live display. Here we show how you can enable 7.0 nougat night mode in Android and how the display colors look like.

In addition, you can set up emergency information, such as the address of the smartphone owner or other medical contacts.

Automatic updates in the background for faster installation

Android 7.0 nougat will automatically download and install updates in the background - even if the device is not unlocked. This should be possible through the use of two partitions. This, however, only the installation of updates is accelerated, not the updates themselves. However, this feature will probably support only new smartphone models.

Volcano API for better gaming graphics

The new graphical interface volcano to make games faster and more beautiful. Here is being spoken to console quality graphics on smartphones and tablets. In addition, the graphics performance to be consistently effective with the same hardware. All information on volcanic API is available here.

Protostar: Unreal Engine 4 demo with volcano on the Samsung Galaxy S7Protostar: Unreal Engine 4 demo with volcano on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Keyboard can be customized with themes

Small but important: The Android keyboard can also be dyed with Android 7.0 nougat assign your own images.


Android 7.0 nougat is to advance and the multitasking on mobile devices. It can run two apps side by side so, but this is well implemented only on larger smartphones and tablets. Also read this: Android 7.0 nougat: Use Multi-Window - how it works.

With Android, Google N concentrates on the essentials: the battery.Android 7.0 nougat also supports multitasking.

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LG G Flex 2: Official Wallpaper to download

With the LG G Flex 2, the South Korean manufacturer LG presents us not only be curved smartphone with a full HD screen, but also provides for P-OLED display unit matching wallpaper, which are to accompany the bold colors of the screen. The pictures all have a resolution of 1,920 x 2,160 and should so come on any screen with a full HD resolution best advantage.

LG G Flex 2: Official Wallpaper to download

Also read: the test for the LG G Flex. 2

We offer the 10 wallpapers of LG G Flex 2 on the one hand for single view and download individual, but also provide a download package available that can be downloaded at the end of the article via QR-code directly to your smartphone.

Start Photogallery(10 images)LG G Flex 2: The wallpapers for download

LG G Flex 2_Wallpaper_01


All LG G Flex 2 wallpaper download (14.4 MB)

LG G Flex 2: Official Wallpaper to downloaddownloadQR codeLG G Flex 2 Wallpaper.zipFile size: 14.4 MB

Not enough? Other wallpapers for download:

  • CyanogenMod 12 &# 8212; the wallpaper for download
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha &# 8212; noble wallpaper of metal smartphones
  • WhatsApp Wallpaper &# 8212; suitable for any conversation

Source: Intra pixels


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This can Bixby Voice: Impressive videos show wizard in action

"Hi Bixby, what can you really?" Shortly after the official start of Bixby voice in the US will now begin Samsung promo campaign. We show you the four new videos in which Bixby reveals its potential.

This can Bixby Voice: Impressive videos show wizard in actionSource: Samsung Smart Life

After the beta period with over 100,000 subscribers, the digital assistant from Samsung is finally here with language support. Users of the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus in the US can now also control via voice their device. What Bixby voice anything can, shows us the South Korean company in four short videos.

This can Bixby: An Overview

32772Bixby Voice: This is Samsung's digital assistant

In the first of four videos Samsung goes straight into the full: In just 60 seconds, we get a good overview of what is possible to launch in the US with Bixby. store memories, create photos (and add the same effects), finished screenshots and send to contacts&# 8230; almost every second the functions are presented.

More offers on BestCheck.deStart Photogallery(11 images)iPhone vs. X Galaxy S8: The Borderless smartphones compared

Bixby also for late risers

1681Bixby Voice: manage alarms

In the second video is more leisurely to the point: No wonder the protagonist is in bed and would also prefer to stay there. Bixby takes the new alarms without complaint acknowledges and understands thereby also the respective context. The Galaxy S8 must not be put into the hands of it - on "Hi Bixby" the voice recognition will start automatically.

Bixby as a meteorologist

3414Bixby Voice: Weather

What would a digital assistant without the weather? Of course Bixby may also weather to the user, for different places and for different times. The context is understood here again. When asked "how the weather will be in two days?" Bixby is clear that it comes to the location of the owner.

Smartphone control with Bixby

23,707Bixby Voice: make settings

The last video still takes a look at the acquisition of smart phone features through the wizard. With Bixby Settings can carry the smartphone simple: set the background image, launch the flashlight, change the ring tone, display new notifications&# 8230; also the possibility of SMS and e-mails is not shown in the video to read aloud. The feature has been implemented by Samsung for the launch of Bixby voice in the US.

Source: Samsung Smart Life via 9to5Google


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Samsung Galaxy S5 mini vs. Galaxy S4 mini: Technical data in comparison

Samsung has introduced yesterday with the Galaxy S5 mini a smaller offshoot of his current top smartphones. Therefore, let us now look at what makes the new mini device better than its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 mini.

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini vs. Galaxy S4 mini: Technical data in comparison

Both the Galaxy S5 mini and the Galaxy S4 mini is a smaller, yet scaled-down version of the respective flagship smartphones from Samsung. The look and the features you have then entered in both cases mostly. The Galaxy S5 mini were even contrary to some rumors, the two Galaxy S5 gimmicks fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor donated.

samsung-galaxy-s5-mini-vs-galaxy-s4-mini-rueckseite-comparativeBut how does it actually look under the hood of the two smartphones? What improvements Samsung has made compared to last year's model? This reveals the following table in which we once faced the two devices.

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Samsung Galaxy S5 miniSamsung Galaxy S4 mini
Orig. Release Year20142013
height and weight131.1 x 64.8 x 9.1 mm, 120 g124.6 x 61.3 x 8.94 mm; 107 grams
Material and color of the housingGlass / polycarbonate; White, Blue, Gold, BlackPolycarbonate, white, blue, brown, black, purple, red
Waterproof, dustproofYes, IP67 (dust-proof and water-resistant up to one meter for 30 minutes)No
processorprobably Exynos (1.4 GHz quad-core)Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (1.7 GHz Dual-Core)
R.A.M.1.5 GB1.5 GB
operating systemAndroid 4.4.2 KitKat with TouchWizAndroid 4.4.2 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz (via update)
Memory (gigabytes)16 GB, expandable to max. 64 GB8 GB, expandable to max. 64 GB
Display size and pixel count4.5 inches; 1280 × 720 pixels4.27 inches; 960 x 540 pixels
Display resolution (pixel density)326 ppi256 ppi
Camera resolution and aperture8 MP8 megapixels
Camera FeaturesLED flash, autofocus, face detection, HDR, panorama etc.LED flash, image stabilizer (software), autofocus
video ResolutionFull HD at 30fpsFull HD at 30fps
front camera2.1 MP1.9 MP
fingerprint sensorYesNo
Heart Rate MonitorYesNo
Dock connectorMicro USBMicro USB
Max. Battery power at 3G (telephony / standby) and battery capacity2100 mAh12 h / 300 h - 1,900 mAh
MSRP Contract / street priceApproximately 479 Euro / K. A.359 € / 290 € *Samsung Galaxy S5 mini vs. Galaxy S4 mini: Technical data in comparison
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Google Keep: Save also comfortable with new Chrome extension on the computer contents

It happened actually still signs and wonders: After three years it has in Mountain View a mercy and donated Google Keep an appropriate Chrome extension. In order that the addresses of interesting web pages with a single click can be finally at the computer store. 

Google Keep: Save also comfortable with new Chrome extension on the computer contents

Although the functionality of Google Keep in recent years has been continuously strengthened, as opposed to feature Monster Evernote but shines Google's note solution further by a certain minimalism. The "less is more" strategy of Google notes had been but one major flaw: a lack Chrome extension. Only on mobile devices could save notes, pictures or interesting URLs users with a few clicks. however, a handy Chrome extension, as they bring about Evernote or Pocket lacked Google Keep - until now.

The note service that still operates in the US under its original name Google Keep can now also come up with a Chrome extension. Thus the addresses of interesting sites can be stored and optionally provided with a note and a label. On enlargement, it is also possible to view the stored content directly into notes or to delete it.


Google notes: Chrome extension available for free

In addition, the small Notes icon in the toolbar indicates the Chrome browser on whether the address of the requested page is already stored. Convenient: URLs can be saved also via right-click, as the Google Keep extension extends the context menu to another menu item. The Chrome extension is available for free in the Chrome Webstore.

Chrome extension for Google KeepdownloadQR codeChrome extension for Google KeepDeveloper: UnknownPrice: Free

Source: Google Blog, via Phandroid

Nexus 6P from Amazon*Huawei Mate S contract with*

Video: Google Keep: To-Do List

284Google Keep - To-do list

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Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life – The you should know

With the Galaxy S4 Samsung currently has one of the most powerful and most popular smartphones on the market. The heart of any smart phones is the battery. Like the Samsung Galaxy S4 is reflected in the battery life and what to do with the battery, learn it here.

Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life - The you should know

Unlike the devices from Apple you can replace the built-in battery manually. If the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life So after a fairly long time no longer meet your needs, you can replace it with a new one, without having previously done a degree in rocket physics or having to put a lot of money for an expensive replacement on the table.

How long is the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a battery life of 2,600 mAh. At a regular use, this corresponds approximately to a term of 12 hours. Holds not her fault your smart phone, the standby time of the Galaxy S4 battery is about 140 hours. Who just phoned and sent no data on the Internet with the Galaxy S4, can at least take into account about 20 hours of continuous talks.

Start Photogallery(8 pictures)Smartphone concepts vs. Reality (iPhone 5, Galaxy S5 & Co.)

Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life

Unfortunately, even the largest manufacturers such as Samsung are not immune to mistakes. On some models, the flagship is a one arg shortened battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S4 after some use. Apart from the strong performance loss of up to 25% within a few minutes and regular crash of the smartphone of the Galaxy S4 battery failure is noticeable by a deformation of the battery. In case of faulty batteries, this expands and completely fails his service. The Galaxy S4 battery fault occurs ihne warning and is not due to external influences on the device, such. B. caused a fall.

According Mobiflip least 30% of German Samsung Galaxy S4 owners are affected by the faulty battery. Provide it with this error and an incredibly short battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S4 firm, you can be free to exchange the battery. For this you contact either a service partner of Samsung or the manufacturer directly.

For more tips and articles on Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • How To: Hard reset the Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy s4: Update available on Android 4.3 in Germany
  • Adjust or disable Samsung Galaxy S4 screen timeout
  • Samsung Galaxy s4: 40 million units sold - are decreasing#

Source: Mobiflip (revised)


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Candy Crush Saga without Facebook on PC games for Windows and Mac

We'll tell you how you can play on a PC under Windows and Mac Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga &# 8211; without annoying Facebook and offline &# 8211; with a simple workaround.

Candy Crush Saga without Facebook on PC games for Windows and Mac

In the following guide, we explain how you can install on your PC or your Mac Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga to play it on the computer with a mouse and keyboard. Here, a Facebook account is not, as is customary in the game, needed to be able to play it in the browser. In addition, you can also gamble online, since the game is downloaded to your PC.

On the subject: Candy Crush Saga Alternatives

Candy Crush Saga on PC games for Windows

An official Windows or MacOS version starts from Candy Crush Saga course -except the Facebook browser version. However, there is a workaround, which allows you to install within a few minutes, the match-3 game on the home computer and gamble.

Gallery Candy Crush Soda Saga

  • (Figure 1.6):
  • (Figure 6.2):
  • (Figure 3.6):
  • (Figure 4.6):
  • (Figure 6.5):
  • (Figure 6.6):

For this workaround we need an Android emulator that pretends to your PC or Mac, you have an Android device. In principle, there is a virtual Android machine on the PC. Possible it gets with the program Andy, which you can install on Windows and Mac.

With an Android emulator like Andy, you can install any app from the Play Store, which would otherwise run on an Android tablet. Andy namely simulates a tablet and not a smartphone. Andy is free of charge.

Tutorial: So one gambles on your own computer &# 8211; and Candy Crush Soda Saga

To gamble Candy Crush on PC, it proceeds as follows.

  1. Invite you down Andy.
  2. Install the program on your PC or Mac.
  3. Starts the Android emulator.
  4. Login you one with your Google Account.
  5. Now you can search the Play store and there to Candy Crush soda or candy Crush.
  6. Installed the app and starts.
  7. Here, too, you can connect with Facebook.
  8. Following you can start right away.

So you can for example, connect with Facebook or buy additional content you, you must of course be connected to the Internet.

20404Candy Crush Soda Saga - Teaser

If you have problems with the installation of Andy, look at the following tutorial: Andy: So you make of your PC an Android tablet.


  • Boom Beach on the PC to play online in Windows


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Huawei P9: At Saturn and Media Markt already in stock

Just last week, the Huawei was introduced in London P9 and from April 21, it is loud VMALL the official online store of the manufacturer, be available in this country. The two German retailers Saturn and Media Markt is Huawei's newest top model but already in stock and can be ordered already apparently.

Huawei P9: At Saturn and Media Markt already in stock

Actually, the Huawei P9 should be available only in a week. But at Saturn and Media Markt, the new flagship of the Chinese has already arrived and has already found its way into the assortment of online shops - on the product page, the smartphone can in fact be ordered already. The status even appears "in stock". In theory it would be possible with express shipping to keep the smartphone tomorrow or at the latest on Monday already in the hands, while others still have until at least Thursday, April 21, wait.

For more information on Huawei P9: Huawei-P9 test on GIGA.DE.

Huawei P9 available in markets

On top of that the device is already in some markets in stock. Whether the smartphone is however already also issued today, we unfortunately do not know. It is assumed that the employees that Huawei P9 will hand until April 21.


Attack on Galaxy S7 and LG G5

The direction of the Chinese group with the P9 is clear: Huawei wants the top class competition to attack head-on with the new flagship - Samsung's Galaxy S7 but also the LG G5 or the HTC 10 are the direct competitors of Huawei P9. In the fight against competitors is to not only help the high-quality housing, but also the specifications and features. In particular, the camera Huawei has at P9, as well as in P9 Plus, emphasis and built a 12 MP strong image sensor, the same has two camera lenses and was developed in collaboration with the German camera and optics specialists Leica.

Huawei P9 buy at Media Markt*Buy Huawei P9 at Saturn*

57539Huawei P9 in the Hands-On

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Android: Enable background data – how it works

Will you visit the Google Play Store to download new apps, it may happen that the Play Store displays "Background data disabled" and are denied access. To be able to provide with new apps and more, you must therefore turn on background data.

Depending on your Android device and version is the way you can turn on background data differs. However, the principle is at Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, LG and Co. the same.

Battery consumed quickly? These tips will help:

288964Battery consumed quickly? These tips will helpStart Photogallery(9 pictures)Android 8.0 and iOS Oreo 11 compared why Android still has ahead

Enable background data for Google Play Store and Co.

To enable background data on Android, goes like vir follows:

  • Open the app for the settings on Android.
  • Controls the section "Wireless Networks" on.
  • In the options for the "Mobile data" it controls the three points right at the top.
  • the hook is removed with the option "Restrict background data" in the new window.
  • Are the background data enabled apps to download data or send notifications and receive mobile data network even if they are not currently active.

android background data 1

Why would you disable background data?

The selection of the "Restrict background data" option is recommended if you want to protect a data volume in mobile data network or does not want too much strain on the battery. Are the background data enabled smartphone synchronized at certain intervals to the Internet to z. To receive as email or WhatsApp messages. In this way, both power and data to be consumed. however, noted that some apps not work as desired with deactivated background data.

As already mentioned, can be such. no longer control as the Google Play Store, also you are missing one or the other WhatsApp message on this path. But those who are on the go and at least want to save something it's battery can einschränkem this setting energy consumption.

android background data 2

With us you learn also how much data volume consumed Sky Go. We also have tips and hints, if your cell phone battery runs out quickly.

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Enable USB debugging (Android) – frame by frame

Enable USB debugging &# 8211; Step 3: About device

Jonas Wekenborgon 12/09/2014 at 10:51 PM

5 10

Enable USB debugging &# 8211; Step 3: Here you can find all the important information and technical details of your smartphone

Enable USB debugging &# 8211; Step 3: In addition to the Android version that is installed on your device, you'll find under About device also&# 8230;

back to articleNext photoComments on this PhotogalleryEnable USB debugging (Android) - frame by frameJonah Opinion of the author:

Easy! And even?

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    3. What's USB debugging - and how it can be activated?
    4. Enable USB debugging (Android) - frame by frame


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    Archos Diamond Plus: 5.5 inch phablet with Selfiebutton in Hands-On Video [IFA 2015]

    3420Archos Diamond Plus - Hands-On [IFA 2015]Never miss video? Subscribe to us on YouTube:

    In addition to the Diamond Tab and 50d helium Archos presented next to its IFA stand and the Diamond Plus, a mid-range smartphone with 5.5-inch Full HD display, octa-core CPU and LTE. the device will sell for about 280 euros, all other details reveals colleague Frank in our hands-on video.

    The Archos Diamond Plus is the current flagship model of the French manufacturer new fleet, which is quite clearly also recognize the installed hardware: Archos uses a MediaTek 6753, its eight cores are clocked with 1.5 GHz. 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory which can be expanded via microSD card up to 32 GB the processor aside. Practical: Thanks to the Archos fusion Storage, a specially developed software to microSD memory and the memory can be merged and can be used as an internal total memory. On the software side is, as with almost all at the IFA 2015 presented devices, Android 5.1 is used.

    The display measures 5.5 inches diagonally and has a resolution of Full HD, the Diamond Plus is thus directed to friends undoubtedly larger appliances. Verso is to find a 16 MP camera, the front camera takes selfies with 8 MP. A housed on the left side button acts as a trigger for the front camera, selfies to be made even faster. The battery is sized properly with a nominal capacity of 2850 mAh, this is accommodated by the back cover made of metal. Practical: Archos has also integrated a quick charge. Otherwise, the usual specifications govern: Bluetooth 4.0 is also on board as WLAN, GPS and LTE Category 4. A dual SIM slot is also installed.

    Gallery Archos Diamond Plus Hands-On Photos

    • (Figure 1.8):
    • (2/8):
    • (Figure 3.8):
    • (Figure 4.8):
    • (Figure 5.8):
    • (Figure 6.8):
    • (Figure 7.8):
    • (Figure 8.8):

    sold the unit from November at a price of 280 euros - given the specifications definitely a fair offer.

    Technical specifications of the ARCHOS Diamond Plus

    display5.5-inch Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels)
    processor1.5 GHz Octa Core (MediaTek MT6753, 64 bits)
    random access memory2 GB
    Internal memory16 GB (expandable)
    operating systemAndroid 5.1 Lollipop
    main camera16 MP
    front camera8 MP
    battery pack2850 mAh
    Dimensions 152.6 x 76.4 x 8.4 mm
    mass178 grams

    Buy Moto G (2015) at Amazon*


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    134,000 points! Nvidia Shield Tablet X1 beyond AnTuTu benchmark [rumor]

    That Nvidia is able to put together powerful gaming hardware, is known. But what the coming Shield Tablet X1 could provide in terms of performance, completely opens up new performance horizons: Although the rumors on the release of the cars are still quite nebulous, but shines the tablet after a flying visit in GFXBench now in AnTuTu Benchmark: The Tegra X1 processor leaves the competition here with values ​​far beyond the 100,000 points mark loosely behind.

    134,000 points! Nvidia Shield Tablet X1 beyond AnTuTu benchmark [rumor]

    Benchmark results are always a bit tricky: manufacturers use this kind test runs like in order to bring their devices into perspective and to put the competition to shame. Ultimately, the significance of the actual everyday use is not always so great. Nevertheless deserves the rumored AnTuTu result of the Shield Tablet X1, which handed down a reputed source from China, the predicate "impressive".

    Nvidia Shield Tablet X1 with 134,000 points in AnTuTu Benchmark

    Because with reaching 134,000 points in AnTuTu benchmark, the Shield Tablet X1 surpassed not only the current competition and breaks through the 100,000 points-wall, but surpassed even the supposed chip of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. The Exynos 8890 reached namely "only" about 103,000 points. The outstanding performance owes the tablet to the eponymous processor: Nvidia installed the brand new Tegra X1 SoC with eight cores and a maximum clock rate of 1.9 GHz. The 64 bit capable chip is made in 20 nm efficient method and is based on four Cortex-A57- and -A53 cores. In said benchmark run, but only the more potent A57 cluster was paired with the group consisting of 256 core Maxwell GPU tested.

    So Nvidia is expected to once again bring a full-deliberate especially on mobile gaming tablet on the market. The other specifications that recently laid bare the GFX-Bench, call an 8 inch display with full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of data storage and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. When the official launch is pending, is currently not yet known - whether the upcoming holiday shopping season but an idea would not surprise us in the next few days.

    Start Photogallery(11 images)Apple TV 4K, Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire: Comparison of the best set-top boxes

    Our first impression of the Shield Tablet K1

    24139Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 in the Hands-On

    Buy NVIDIA Shield K1 at Amazon*

    Note: The picture above shows the old shield portable tablet.

    via Tech Grapple

    Did you "134,000 points! Nvidia Shield Tablet X1 beyond AnTuTu benchmark [rumor]" fallen from Rafael Thiel?Write us in the comments or share the article.We look forward to your opinion - and of course you must like us on Facebook,twitter or Google+.


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    LG G4: Camera at No. 2 in expert fame – behind Galaxy S6

    The website DxOMark is a reference in the evaluation of cameras of all kinds. DxOMark has now announced its own benchmark results for the LG G4. Overall, they attest to the smartphone indeed excellent camera capabilities, but it has to second place behind the camera in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge beaten.

    LG G4: Camera at No. 2 in expert fame - behind Galaxy S6

    The camera qualities of smartphones have become an important criterion when buying: power technology, the devices are all on such a high level that the purchase decision depends often on how well succeed Photos with the devices. The LG G4 we could certify very good camera quality in the review already, now DxOMark has published test results and distributed in different categories scores for the photo and video quality. The result can be quite impressive: In the photo quality LG reaps 86 points one at which video quality at least 79 points.

    LG G4 Camera benchmark

    Above all, the autofocus and the texture quality can convince according DxOMark in photos. Concretely the fact reliably achieve sharp photos, details remain beyond even in low light condition. The noise development keeps in the dark within limits, the flash does a good job to illuminate objects and bring details to light. Some negative points there are also: Especially with too bright light was the white balance sometimes problems also autofocus ruckle now and then in the preview.

    • Also worth reading: The 10 best camera smartphones

    In the video quality, the good exposure and color reproduction is praised, as well as the richness of detail in bright light. In dim lighting, the color reproduction is not quite optimal sometimes, whereas at too bright lighting details disappear occasionally. For the earned second place still enough: With a total of 83 points, the LG G4 but is not on par are the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Moto X style, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge (Test) with 86 points thus on the throne fall. Whether the three points but in practice really carry weight is doubtful. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were incidentally not been tested yet, but we suspect that it will create the new Apple smartphone in the rankings also relatively far upward.

    Source: DxOMark

    LG G4 from Amazon*Order LG G4 contract with your mobile phone*


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    Top 5: The best selfie smartphones

    Selfies are all the rage, at least since Ellen Degeneres legendary Oscar Selfie self-portraits are also arrived in the mainstream. But which phones are best to leave special impression on Instagram and Co.? We present five mobile Selfie specialists. 

    Top 5: The best selfie smartphones

    Long selfies have left the sleazy corner of C-list celebrities and have become socially acceptable. Even politicians and business leaders like to whip out the phone to sit down with a big grin in the spotlight. Who wants to inferior about Chancellor Merkel or Apple CEO Tim Cook in nothing, of course, need the right phone for the right Selfie fun.

    In our Top 5 we have put together five selfie smartphones to the place with their different features own priorities and offer something suitable for every application purposes.

    OnePlus 3T: Selfie King

    OnePlus 3T Test 6621

    We start the OnePlus 3T. The new edition of just seven-month-old price Kracher has in addition to a faster processor in the form of the Snapdragon 821 also greatly improved front camera: the Selfie-clippers makes a jump of 8 MP to a whopping 16 MP, thus ensuring crisp self-portraits.

    More important than the pure number of megapixels, the comparatively large camera pixels of 1.0 microns that capture a lot of light and thus allow more attractive selfies even under low light conditions. the front camera of a high-intensity f / 2.0 aperture and the ability to record video in 1080p Full HD is rounded record.

    Also interesting: OnePlus 3T in the test: The same or the same?

    Software Technically the OxygenOS on the OnePlus 3T strongly oriented to stock Android, which is why the user is a tidy camera interface to the side. However, the disadvantage is that the camera app is primarily focused on the basics and not so many modes and settings, as seen in competition.

    With 439 Euros the OnePlus 3T is also the most expensive representatives on our list. 


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