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What’s FFS? Meaning of the abbreviation

If you move in the network, you will encounter at every turn to different combinations of letters and abbreviations whose meaning is unclear at first glance. Particularly in chat rooms and forums, as well as in online games, such abbreviations can see regularly. In LoL, WoW, CS: GO and you read often "FFS". But what...


Sheesh: What does that mean?

Anyone who raps and lyrics of this one Boi "Money Boy" sounds more precisely located or read tweets of the artist, the one time or another will hear the term "Sheesh" and see. Other hip-hop, the z. As can be heard on YouTube, "Sheesh" use in their lyrics. But what does "Sheesh" anyway? Meanwhile, the...


What’s the abbreviation BFF chatting and Co.?

Who moves a lot on the Net, comes regularly to letter abbreviation, whose meaning is not obvious at first glance. In writing on the smartphone to read a lot of text message abbreviations. One of them is "BFF". But what does "BFF" anyway? Recurring names have now firmly established and thus have a fixed meaning.You...


What is Kappa? Importance of smileys on Twitch

Kappa is the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet and has the numerical value of 20 in the Milesian system. So, all sorted? No of course not! For in this guide is not about any Greek letters, but the smiley on Twitch and memes that followed it. Because for the kappa Smiley Many legends and...


What does “on Fleek”? Significance, translation of the slang word

On Facebook, Twitter, and the Messenger in real life you stumble more frequently about the anything &# 8220; on Fleek&# 8221; be. But what does &# 8220; on Fleek anyway? Is this something good or something bad when something &# 8220; on Fleek&# 8221; is? In this guide, we show you what the slang word...


What’s Kek? Slang term of rap and Co.

The special thing about languages ​​is that they continue to evolve. Again and again one comes in German on new terms that you have not yet heard a few years ago. Especially subcultures therefore, led to new expressions. An expression which falls more and more frequently, especially in the hip-hop scene, "Kek" is. But what...


What’s Cyka blyat? Meaning and Translation – Warning: contains adult!

Actually, the Ausrduck Cyka is blyat (often &# 8220; suka bljad&# 8221; written) already old hat in online gaming. Currently germinates but again a wave of meme images and videos to the term in different forums, social networks and image boards. But what does "Cyka blyat" actually is and where is it from? Caution: Parental...


Ahnma (Beginner): What really does that mean? Here you read it

Ahnma the new track of calls Beginner: More than 13 years it took &# 8211; now the Hamburg hip-hop veterans have released a video to the anticipation for the album Advanced Chemistry * to heat up, which still has to be published this summer. Since last week, is puzzled in the net culture: What's this...

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