Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery?


Prime Day, Prime Reading, exclusive prime deals - Amazon fired its members offer. But the price the company has raised the 2017th One wonders: Is it worth Amazon Prime yet? Introducing the service.


Amazon Prime is a service of the online retailer Amazon, which offers a fast and cost-effective shipping in Germany, film, series and music streaming as well as free loan of a selection of Kindle books and other benefits. In Austria the offer is available on similar terms.

try Amazon Prime for free*

The subscription price Amazon has raised this year, more on that below. Turning first to the individual components of Amazon Prime:

Prime Reading - a loss leader

End of June 2017, Amazon has increased the prime offer by Prime Reading. There is a flat rate reading hundreds of books, magazines and comics that can be borrowed through the Kindle app or Kindle reader. Interesting titles see our top picks for prime Reading.

Start Photogallery(14 images)read magazines and books for free: good recommendation for Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon offers a few highlights - but numerous series and magazines are in the process of which only the first volume or a copy can be borrowed. At least in part, Prime Reading has to be referred to as "bait and switch" so - namely for the Unlimited * -Abo, which then activates a Zusatzabo only a comprehensive pool of reading material.

Amazon Prime with movie streaming

One of the most interesting features: Amazon Prime includes access to Prime video, so to free streaming thousands films and TV episodes. The video on demand service based on the previous LOVEFiLM. To the selection includes not unbending the latest known productions, but still titles such as Iron Man 1-3, I - Despicable 2, Star Trek Beyond, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2, The Girl Next Door, The Big Bang Theory Season up 9 and various exclusive Amazon original. In addition, Amazon has secured the broadcasting rights of Fear The Walking Dead in Germany. Note: The contents change from time to time.

Supported devices *Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery? including Mac, PC, Kindle Fire, iOS devices, Android devices and various Smart TV, Blu-ray players and consoles.

Amazon Prime: Movie Streaming on the iPad

Amazon Prime: Movie streaming included

Amazon Prime Music: After films and music streaming

Music streaming with Prime Music has grown considerably in recent months, Prime customers can listen to two million tracks of international and German artists without further notification and costs. Sounds a lot, but it's not: Paid music services like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer & Co offer more like 20 to 30 million titles. Prime Music can therefore certainly not compete with a full-blown service - for this the company Amazon Music Unlimited has in its portfolio, incurred for the additional costs.

Our Prime offer at least songs and albums of current artists (Meghan Trainor, Cro, Avicii, Carly Rae Jepsen, Klangkarussell, Pitbull) included, as well as classics (Elton John, The Birds). The music can be heard on Mac and PC as well as on smartphones and tablets - thanks apps even when offline. Very commendable!

book Amazon Prime as a music service that is probably not justified - still a great treat for the customers. For the adult streaming service music unlimited *Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery? get prime-customer discount.

Amazon Prime members get much more than just movies. With our tips & Tricks brings her everything from the service out (video):

324852Useful tips and tricks to Amazon Prime

Free Premium Shipping with Amazon Prime

Let's move from the virtual goods to material things: Prime customers will benefit them with orders, if Amazon itself is the shipper: The shipping is free, even if the purchase is less than 29 euros. In addition, the packets are normally delivered the next day - so it promises at least the advertising. (According to my personal experience I do not rely on it. Maybe to blame but DHL.) Morning- and Evening Express are cheaper than for a normal customers without Amazon Prime.

For a few cities, there is even a supply of selected products on the same day, it is free for orders of 20 Euros for Prime members.

Photo storage space and further benefits for Prime members

Another component is Prime Photos. According to the supplier, it provides unlimited storage for photos in the Amazon Cloud Drive. Via mobile devices, the images can be loaded into memory as well as on Mac and PC. To view extends a compatible console, SmartTV or Amazon Fire TV.

Further advantages of the service:

  • 30 minutes earlier access to most flash offers,
  • exclusive deals,
  • commercial-free streams Twitch and free games content,
  • exclusive shop with everyday items (Amazon Pantry).


Cost of Amazon Prime

Amazon offers a one-month free trial membership for Prime *Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery? at. Since 01 February 2017 falls a Annual fee of 69 euros at (entpsricht 5.75 euros per month), before she was 49 euros. Existing customers will be charged even the old tariff before 1 July 2017 only after the next annual fee is 69 euros.

Students choose the Amazon Student *Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery?-If they want to use only the free shipping and not Kindle Lending Library and Prime Video option.

By the way: Termination of Amazon Prime is quickly and easily * possible in the account settings.

Conclusion: Worth Amazon Prime?

now worth a subscription to the service? Now, movie freaks is not sufficient, the film offer music listeners the music offer book readers the free e-book selection. The individual components are not satisfactory for enthusiasts of the respective division.

With its price Amazon is prime but very interesting as a whole: For the equivalent of 69 euros per year you get a wide range, with the mainly other video on demand providers can not compete in price. Unless one is always equal to the latest blockbuster or would like to see certain movies, you will be well entertained by Amazon. also the music option does not offer anything you want to hear. Nevertheless, for each lot should be there.

Start Photogallery(14 images)Thus squeezing everything out of Amazon Prime

Who any movies want to see for themselves Amazon Prime with the higher price on the other hand is likely not worth. It already takes some orders under 29 euros to amortize the savings Returns the fee. The unlimited photo storage sounds tempting, this but you could also switch to Google. And the selection of books is nice, but bookworms attack because I'd rather have the Unlimited subscription.

Some offers are available exclusively for prime customers also get the flash deals earlier. If you like Browsed here who comes to deals that he might not get without membership - because out of print. Since the annual fee could neutralize at least. Who wants to take advantage of the prime Day, can take the test month:

try Amazon Prime for free*

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Original idea in February 2014 expanded and brought up to date in July 2017th

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videos & product images
  • Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery? Useful tips and tricks to Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery?product imagesAmazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery?Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery?


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Fast & amp;: Need for Speed ​​in the test Payback Furious – The Game

Need for Speed ​​Payback is to bring the series after the disappointing last part back to the racing game screens. For that is all &# 8211; Naturally &# 8211; greater. Is the open world concept really the solution? 

4176Need for Speed: Payback - Official Story Trailer

Unfortunately, the Need for Speed ​​reboot was not less than a disappointment. Too many embarrassing dialogues, too little arcade racing fun. Payback is now to bring back all the fun for which they once stood the series.

The fictional city of superlatives

Unlike The Crew, where you can travel through across the United States, the Open World in Need for Speed ​​Payback limited to a big city of superlatives and their drab surroundings. Sounds like Las Vegas, do you think? Not quite true. The city full of casinos in the desert, although geared to the largest city in Nevada, but it is fictitious. Why Silver Rock Fortune Valley not Las Vegas is, told me Game Director William Ho in face-off event in Cologne:

"We tried the game to build a real city around. However, we have seen that it was not a fun time to racing there. Real cities are built safely and for everyday way. The result was not very good. Then we looked for real places that have a certain personality. but above all we had to find routes that are fun. So we had to build a road network that is suitable for racing. Which plan we need for off-road? What for drag races? There had to be a lot of testing. Only then we added attractions that are oriented to true. Everything else came first. The focus was always fun game play. "

nfsp-world-game-map-1The card in Need for Speed ​​Payback

To ensure Silver Rock around forested mountains, canyons and dry dusty desert variety. The city itself, however, has little to offer. Clear is this is a racing game, but that is not to find a resident Silver Rocks, tearing up again and again out of the story. Unlike in the previous you will also experience no change in the weather, but a day-and-night cycle is. The world can therefore convince only partially.

Paul Walker, is it you?

The premise is briefly told. Protagonist Brian O&8217; Conner (Paul Walker in Fast & Furious series) &# 8211; here called Ryler Morgan &# 8211; dubbed himself as the best drivers in the city and stands with his friends Mac (Showman) and Jess (Wheelman) a Racing trio. However, the real allies Lina Navarro ratted the team to the police in order to provide benefits to the criminal, ruling House cartel. Five years later, it is important to regain the respect of the underground scene, to overthrow the cartel. Clever: To tell the shallow story a little more varied, you switch &# 8211; not free &# 8211; between three characters.

UntitledPaul Walk&# 8230; er, Tyler Morgan

Here, Tyler rides road racing and drag racing duels while Mac is the off-road specialist, denies drift competitions and Jeff takes on the role of the runner, that defends the guys in action-packed missions with massive actions against the police. The trio will make a good mix, but their motivations not remain comprehensible to the end. The dialogue is no longer as embarrassed as in the predecessor, but well they are not. Not only dialogues and characters screaming for Fast & Furious, the action is just as exaggerated.

1The police will simply weggerammt.

But history should not stand in the foreground, for it occupies only a small part of the 15-hour race game. In blockbuster missions you steal not only valuable car of the House cartel to escape in the subsequent chase by police cars are destroyed, so as not to end up in a dead end. Besides the many sports cars you also get the opportunity to drive a truck &# 8211; chased by a helicopter.


How William Ho already revealed in an interview that the gameplay was always about the story and the open world. And here Payback can score: Despite different cars and modes, the game controls &# 8211; especially the drifting &# 8211; immediately intuitive. The overall feel of the cars reminded now and then at GTA 5, which offers a similar clean arcade driving physics. Unlike the Rockstar game you but not you take spectacular stunts into their own hands. Instead, they are shown in cutscenes &# 8211; well, at least not by quick-time events. One or the other blockbuster moment more would not have hurt the game.


The open world is not particularly active, a fact that no mini-activities such as breaking speed limits or Sprünger upon minimum width not. In Streetracing-, off-road, drag and drift racing, the trio worked out of respect. The long sprint races and schlauchigen Highway routes are not very creatively designed, only the off-duels with their ramps offer something more fun.

4In off-road racing, the car bodies flying.

In addition to missions, you smear policemen or looking old wrecks from which you tinker formidable sports cars. The success in races depends less on the manifold body and varnishing options, as symbolized by a ranking figure of the performance. In the new tuning system six component categories are equipped with speed cards that are from time to time with bonuses. There is for example a speed boost if at least three cards of a particular tuning brand be used. The speed cards range in tuning shops changed every 30 minutes. However, important cards you just get either by race or by trading coupons at a card lottery, which you get by delivery of unnecessary cards or deliveries.

need-for-speed-payback _6013601

Even Need For Speed ​​Payback can not do without Lootboxen. The supplies you get namely not only by reputation, but also for real money. However, the latter is not necessary in order to play Need For Speed ​​Payback without problems, because you get enough tokens / cards too. The problem is there more that the grind only piecemeal brings improvements. With the purchase you do not receive at once a Suprkarre that brings you a great advantage. So the problem is rather that the hope is similar to the correct speed card after winning a race a gamble. Because you choose only from among three veiled cards, so you have to participate now and then on again at the same race to get to the correct upgrade. The high time and Grinding effort can be frustrating.

These are all the cars in Need for Speed ​​Payback: 

Start Photogallery(79 images)Need for Speed ​​Payback: Cars and list all manufacturers

The game is characterized by balancing problems. In races although there was no rubber banding more, but this has the consequence that any slightest mistake is punished and it is almost impossible not to get to the top because NPC is first placed as early as the middle of three levels of difficulty hardly and driver always allow no mistakes. Often opponents are unassailable, even if you have your sled for eternal Grinding so very grown up, that he should actually beat the competition with lower car stage clear.

The plot is also offline playable. In the game world no other players emerge. In online mode, up to eight players compete on a similar performance level against each other, the choice between RACER and off-road vehicles. As a reward, there Speedcards, money and experience points. In the long run the multiplayer mode is not very motivating. Desirable a mode would have been, to be completed in the blockbuster missions together with two friends.

1Also gloss effects are late loaded (left).

Visually creates Need For Speed ​​Payback chic environments, but not perfect. Textures invite late, the shadow moves on the Xbox One X while driving. Frostbite 3 is precisely designed primarily as a shooter Engine &# 8211; pointing to the Mass Effect: Andromeda now Need for Speed ​​payback. After all, the arcade racer runs on Microsoft's new console in 4K and liquid 30fps.

Summary & Conclusion


Need For Speed ​​Payback another game that the Open World had not been necessary. While the arcade-heavy gameplay and extensive tuning could convince, but the blockbuster action is lost in a beautiful but lifeless game world that offers too little variety. If the game linear, the developers would certainly be able to focus more on memorable characters, neat balancing and motivating Grinding.

You'll like if You arcade racer like and Fast & Furious always wanted to experience as a game.

If you do not like when are you a fan of realistic racing simulations.


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ALDI online shop: The you can order at ALDI

It could be so easy: Order in ALDI Online Shop grill, sleeping bag, garden furniture, beds or mattresses. There should be enough, the offer in ALDI Nord ALDI Süd prospectus or prospectus to view and decide on the basis of advertising, what you want to have it delivered to. But is that even possible? Is there an ALDI Nord ALDI Süd or online shop? Read the following guide, which you should know if you want to order at ALDI online.

Lure you ALDI Süd offers? Have you found something in the prospectus, which want to buy it in any case, but its transportation is rather inconvenient for you? Many customers of the popular German food discounter looking for a way to have them delivered things such as garden furniture or beds of ALDI. ALDI garden furniture order online and not to leave the house for sounds like a good service. After the company even offers with ALDI Talk LTE own fast wireless service plan, and you can pay at the discount store with credit cards you should an online store ALDI nothing stand in the way, right?

ALDI Süd Online Shop - Can you order from ALDI online?

For those who want to order the sale of ALDI Süd online, we have a bad and good news. The bad news: If you want to order from ALDI Online will be disappointed. While there is on the website of the online store ALDI Süd riders here, but is that the company so far sees no possibility to deliver the goods because of their high quality and their freshness. In Australia and the UK there is an ALDI online store. this service is proven in practice test, it could mean that you also can soon buy online in Germany ALDI offers.

ALDI has the most loyal customers or the discounter has now been trumped by another supermarket? Where the Germans prefer to buy, learn it in the pictures below.

Start Photogallery(6 images)Top 5 popular supermarkets in Germany

Meanwhile, more offers at ALDI online have been added:

  • ALDI supplies: Meanwhile your shopping at ALDI you will come home. So far, the service will, however, only offered by ALDI. Customers can buy products in the store and get a credit-Bon PIN that must be entered online or by telephone. Subsequently, ALDI reports to arrange the delivery date.
  • ALDI green electricity: After entering your zip code on the official ALDI website you can see whether your cheap green electricity from Swiss hydroelectric power can relate from discounters.
Mattress ALDI Online StoreEven though there is neither bed nor mattress in ALDI online store, you can order it from other vendors comfortable home. © via Shutterstock

So it looks with the ALDI online shopping from rather poor. However, available at ALDI laboratory equipment of the MEDION brand you can order online at many other providers:

Best on

ALDI Nord Online Shop

Even customers from ALDI Nord to give up a delivery service and an ALDI Nord shop in the traditional sense. ALDI Nord, however, emphasized that the company offers a different way digital service. Thus, by ALDI Blumenservice Bouquets are sent or you via app the nearest branch are displayed.

ALDI Online Shop© defotoberg via Shutterstock

ALDI services - but an online store?

So all customers have to do without the ALDI store on the Internet. Provides the discount online at:

  • ALDI Photo Service: ALDI offers a website, make on her your photo prints, murals, calendars, and other gifts and can delivery at home you.
  • ALDI lifeThe new online site contains its own Videpspiel platform (ALDI Life Games) and there are eBooks and music to download and stream offered.
  • ALDI Blumenservice: Do you want to make someone a colorful joy can send her bouquets and even potted plants from ALDI. On the specially built for this purpose website there are already proposed bouquets for any occasion such as birthday.
ALDI Süd ALDI Nord Travel Travel© potowizard via Shutterstock
  • ALDI Travel: May it be a relaxing or adventurous holiday at an affordable price, the offer of Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd also united on a special website. On is something for every taste: it offered swimming trips, city tours, cruises and other options.
  • Aldi talk: The mobile phone business of discounter also offers various online services. So you can interrogate and charge ALDI Talk, for example, your bank balance.

Video: To take on their contact with the ALDI Talk Customer Service

366100Help and advice when AldiTalk Customer Service

Ollt order their food and Co. online and leave you home delivery, there are, among others, these alternatives to ALDI Online Shop:

  • Rewe online store
  • Penny Online Store
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Edeka delivery service *
  • Kaufland
  • real

In addition, you can with the ALDI App create the shopping list for the next purchase or set you a reminder e-mail that informs you when your favorite products are back to ALDI offer. What have you been at ALDI ordered online? Or would you just in a "real" or ALDI Süd ALDI Nord online shop?

Original article: 07.19.2016 / Last Update: 11/06/2017


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In no other game is so eagerly waiting like GTA GTA 6. After a further shift 5 2013, the boundaries of the possible, the successor will set new standards again in terms of scope, the game world and realism. At this point we gather once before all rumors and news about the announcement of Grand Theft Auto. 6

198569All rumors about GTA 6

missed GTA 5? Here you can buy it!*

Updated on March 15, 2017

When will GTA 6?

With the official announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 in October 2016 a possible Announcement of GTA 6 probably once again moved into the distance. The Western epic released in late 2017 and Rockstar Games will certainly once using most of its resources to this project. Of course, other Rockstar studios could nevertheless already working on GTA 6.

we look at once the Publication cycle of the previously released GTA Parts, then a pattern falls down on quite. so appeared GTA 3 2001 GTA 4 seven years later in 2008. Five years later finally saw the last part so far GTA 5 the light of the video game world. To better illustrate take a look at the following table.

gameRelease Date (first publication)
GTA 3Oct. 22, 2001
GTA Vice CityOctober 27, 2002
GTA San AndreasOctober 26, 2004
GTA 4April 29, 2008
GTA 5September 17, 2013
GTA 6End of 2018/2019?

As you can see, most GTA games always in autumn time appeared before the Christmas season. Following the pattern of five years distance, could appear GTA end 6 2018th However, we believe this is due to Red Dead Redemption 2 rather unlikely. Of the Release of GTA 6 is probably the earliest end of 2018, but rather 2019 or even 2020 occur.

Poll: Which GTA part is the best?

To shorten your waiting time, we want to know from you, which GTA part is the best because actually. Of course, here, each player has a different opinion. My favorite part is about GTA remains GTA Vice City. The 80s flair of Miami with the great soundtrack was in my opinion never as good recaptured.

For many players, but GTA San Andreas is the undisputed number one due to the huge game world and gameplay possibilities. But we do not forget GTA 3, which at that time the jump from 2D perspective in GTA 2 has mastered the 3D game world with flying colors. GTA 4 and GTA 5 the gameplay finally continually perfected and raised the bar for coming GTA 6 very high applied.

Let us in the following poll to know which is part of GTA in your opinion the best and likes to write us the reasons for your decision in the Comments!

Updated on January 23, 2017

GTA 6 has been released! In Brasil&# 8230; for the PS2&# 8230;

What crazy trains Hype around GTA 6 can assume, is in itself Fake or bootleg versions of GTA 6, which are currently sold in Brazil. So was there a now PlayStation 2 game of GTA 6 discovered, which of course is only a fake. On the cover there is an actress Summer Glau from the Terminator series &# 8220; The Sarah Connor Chronicles&# 8221; to see.

GTA 6 FakeGrand Theft Auto V Six 6 ?! WTF?

These poorly made fake games are mainly in Brazil and Indonesia are not uncommon. At best you'll find in such cases Modifications for GTA: San Andreas. In the worst case is on the disk to another or no game. Funny but it is all. More brazen copies of this kind provides you also the following video of the YouTube channel Vargskelethor Joel in front.

Original article

GTA 6: Next stop San Diego?

of course, the biggest mystery surrounding GTA 6, the scene of action represents. Rockstar Games has already secured the naming rights for the cities of Tokyo and Bogota in the past, which made speculating fans that the next part is the first time playing outside the US borders.

However, other rumors suggest otherwise, and many analysts and fans expect a GTA 6, in San Diego will play. The metropolis of 1.3 million people in southwestern California is near the Mexican border and offers everything for a virtual image of a new Grand Theft Auto.


However, there are many more Rumors around a story of GTA. 6

  • will indeed by many fans a GTA: Tokyo desired, but this is difficult to achieve according to rumors because of the cramped road system of the Japanese capital.
  • As Leslie Benzies nor was managing director at Rockstar North, he also did not rule out the idea to program a GTA 6, which incorporates many of the places from the previous parts.
  • Other possible venues would San Fierro or Las Venturas. These places were at that time missing puzzle pieces on the map of GTA: San Andreas and offer themselves as possible scenes of action.
  • Dan Houser, Co-founder of Rockstar, commented in an interview already means that he wants to limit the GTA franchise not only on American culture alone. A GTA 6 outside the American borders would therefore still possible.
  • It can also be about a GTA: London come. However, that would mean a big change for the players finally prevails in England left-hand traffic and the cars have their steering wheel on the right side.

GTA 6: New gameplay innovations desired

Hardly any other game series has grown with every part as GTA. Each branch of the game world became larger and you had more opportunities to drive you the time in the sandbox game. However, there are still many wishes of the fans, the game still more to expand gameplay mechanics and make it more realistic.

Start Photogallery(41 images)40 Details in GTA 5, who have certainly not noticed her

Surveys of players and a lot of Rumors of the protagonists give yourself a day the jack in hand.

  • Vehicle categories should differ more from each other. So players want more about that you can not climb more mountains or offroad swish through the prairie with supercar.
  • Keeping it also persistent rumors that GTA 6 first time female protagonist introduces. This is to be spoken by actress Eva Mendes.
  • Fits to is to assume the role of male protagonist Hollywood star and life companion Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling.
  • By the departure of Leslie Benzies, the year-long head of Rockstar, which has characterized the series of GTA GTA 3 to 5, drastic changes in gameplay can not be excluded.

GTA 6: Release and platforms

Of the Release of GTA 6 there is still a long way off and it is assumed that the development, if any, is still in a very early phase. So it could well be that GTA 6 in time for the release of the new consoles PlayStation and Xbox 5 Two appears. As with GTA 5 might then but still give branch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One too.

but speaks against the financial success of GTA Online. The multiplayer part of GTA 5 alone has 500 million US dollars earned to date by micro-transactions. As long as GTA Online thus still runs well and played a lot, Rockstar looks may not have any urgency to develop a GTA. 6 Rockstar Games would like to present in the near future his next projects and eventually we first see a Red Dead Redemption 2, before proceeding with GTA. 6

What do you wish for GTA 6?

Now you are asking! How is your GTA 6 look like? What do you wish for a Handlungsort and protagonists? What new gameplay mechanics there should be in the open-world adventure? Write us your opinions in the comments!

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description ofChristopher Bahner

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videos & product images
  • GTA 6 All rumors about GTA 6
  • GTA 6 GTA Best Plays: The best stunts ...
  • GTA 6 GTA Best Plays: The best stunts ...


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Samsung Galaxy S7: price decline in comparison – it is worth buying?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is currently as low as never before. Prices have fallen neatly over a year after launch, so that a purchase can currently be worth if you do not want to necessarily have a Galaxy S8. We have looked at the price history of the Galaxy S7 and give you the best current price:

Samsung Galaxy S7: price decline in comparison - it is worth buying?

Fall in prices of the Samsung Galaxy S7

If a new smartphone hits the market, it will lose in the first few weeks often quickly in value. We currently see the Galaxy S8 and it was at that time also the Galaxy S7, which has come to an RRP of 699 euros on the market. Appears a successor, the price of the old model falls again significantly, so you can get the Galaxy S7 currently at an incredible rate, as our price comparison shows:

More offers on

Such a good smartphone like the Galaxy S7, which has with the best camera in a smartphone, still offers a very good technical facilities and not too big fails with its 5.1-inch display, we rarely had in the test.

175029Samsung Galaxy S7 in the testThe pixel density is even higher than that of the successor Galaxy S8 and you get a flat display. Not everyone wants to be imposing a dual-edge display - although the "Infinity Display" already is a feast for the eyes. More about the differences between the models see compared Galaxy S7 versus Galaxy S8. The price of the new model is meanwhile even more attractive:

More offers on BestCheck.deStart Photogallery(11 images)Top 10: The current smartphone Bestsellers 2017

Samsung Galaxy S7 costs about 400 euros

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is now to have about 400 euros - even with large and established dealers *Samsung Galaxy S7: price decline in comparison - it is worth buying?. The price could fall further, but the future. For about 400 euros, the Galaxy S7 currently one of the most interesting smartphones on the market, as it provides a good complete equipment and can even compete against a loose LG G6.

Alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7-edge hand In the current price range, there is no alternative to the Galaxy S7. Who wants to pay a little more for a dual-edge display, of course, could pick up the Galaxy S7 edge. This has fallen already in the price, offers a larger display and a massive battery. Otherwise, the smartphones are quite the same - and the charge has its limits:

More offers on

We will of course continue to monitor the price movements in the Samsung Galaxy S7 in mind and refresh the data when a new milestone is reached. Less than 400 euros we were already a few days, which could soon be possible again. Overall, the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S7 worthwhile but definitely if you are looking for a solid smartphone that almost anything can and not too large fails. Who wants to miss a good offer, following the GIGA deals.

(October 2017)

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Paradise Papers: Apple is not your friend!

Apple is back in the headlines, involuntary mind you. The focus is a hitherto little-noticed "product" Apple's tax avoidance model - instead Itax iPhone X. It is time to put the relationship with the iconic brand to the test.

Paradise Papers: Apple is not your friend!Source: iStock

1.4 terabytes, 13.4 million documents, data in the time frame from 1950 to 2016 - the Paradise Papers draw attention to the largest multinational corporations, politicians, billionaires and their questionable tricks to global tax avoidance by means of various tax havens. Right in the middle: Apple - beloved cult company and industry king.

My thoughts on the weekend: This new column would provide food for thought, calling for discussion and reflect the "News-Schwall" a week towards the end.

What the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) - in this country involved researching composite of NDR, WDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung - "honorable" in the documents of the law firm Appleby was then surprised but in his ruthlessness. Apparently Apple preferably in finding the appropriate tax haven countries with little pronounced opposition and the possibility of maximum influence. Along the lines of Apple investigated the cheapest banana republic! What followed was a not quite so clear clarification from Apple. not - this was enough apparently Wolfgang Krach - editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. In an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, he again addressed the real issue and referred to the social responsibility of the conglomerate. Another answer Apple failed to materialize so far.

The media carnage makes the Apple customers return loss, a "winner" is far identified. we stick to the facts first:

  • In fact, Apple acted legally according to the information. Each save where he can and uses his disposal loopholes.
  • But the fact is is also legally is still far from being morally legitimate. Not everything that is permitted should be tolerated without protest. Can and should Apple may behave anti-social?

Apple and the customers: in future, pragmatism rather than iconic worship

Assuming we say yes, then there can be only one conclusion: Apple is a very normal, that is opportune company. to improve no iconic underdog, no institution with the aim of the world. The only credible goal of this undertaking: Money rake with all permitted means. Summary: Let us then treat Apple as well. Let's do the cult to an end and disconnect the - admittedly cool - Products from reprehensible company construct. Apple is an outstanding representative of capitalism, let us also be capitalists. But what exactly does this mean?

I stand for a pragmatic approach. Apple is not your friend, nor the permanently grinning Apple store Bubi of you without being asked constantly speaking terms. Apple wants to make money at the end of the day, we want to make money. And all want to save money where they can, okay?

Start Photogallery(12 images)Apple ad: journey through the decades

Challenge to Apple's direct sales

Good thing: let us start and Buy will no longer directly at Apple, let we the Apple Store on the left. Instead, we buy from the local local dealer for that matter, in the domestic online trading. There we still get a small discount on the official Apple Award - money we save and Apple's profit margin is reduced because the manufacturer must indeed give up some of the trade. Thus strengthening even the domestic sales. The Apple would incidentally like to eliminate in order to increase the margin by a sole direct selling again. but this does not succeed if significant revenue is generated through the traditional trade yet. What, then you have to hold the latest iPhone wait, because Apple supplied is indeed proven preferable yourself? Regardless, it does not bring you to sometimes wait a little longer.

What about the warranty? No problem: For this, the Apple Store is good enough - can a free and just for us repair customers of the manufacturer, as we take advantage of the proximity and frequent goodwill. Is it immoral to buy cheaper elsewhere and to hand over the repair Apple? If you ask me: Do not immoral than Apple's tax shelter. Even better: We buy in the future needed, then earned Apple a second time on it and we save at the end or the environment.

We have it in hand. Apple is no longer our friend, it's time to realize this at last.

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presented New Wonder Processor: Samsung Galaxy S9

Higher, faster, further: Samsung has introduced a new processor that will come most likely in the Galaxy S9 used. First details are promising.

presented New Wonder Processor: Samsung Galaxy S9Source: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9: Exynos 9810 for the new flagship

The new wonder processor of the South Korean manufacturer is named Exynos 9810. In the current flagship Generation (Galaxy S 8 and Galaxy Note 8) the previous Exynos 8895 is installed in Europe and Asia. He is roughly at the same level of Snapdragon 835, which can be found in the American variant of the Galaxy S8. Now Samsung dares the next step with the Exynos 9810th

Thus the secret to the processor in the Galaxy S9 is out apparently. Samsung has not mentioned explicitly, although this device, but it is highly likely that the company will use the in-house development in the coming flagship and the Galaxy S9.

The predecessor makes the Galaxy S8 quite a bit, as our test shows:

241439Samsung Galaxy S 8: The test

Samsung manufactures the new Exynos 9810 in the 10-nanometer process the second generation. A jump to seven nanometers might probably only 2019 there. So far, Samsung holds back with details. What is certain now that he will work faster and more efficiently than their predecessors. Definitely with this is the new LTE modem from Samsung, which boasts a maximum transfer speed of 1.2 gigabits per second. Competition from Qualcomm is planning a similar LTE equipment for the Snapdragon 845th

Start Photogallery(6 images)Samsung Galaxy S9: As nice as could look like the flagship smartphone

Who does not want to wait, need to look at the Galaxy S8 detail. The price has since fallen sharply:

More offers on

Samsung Galaxy S9: New Processor with Isocell camera sensor

Since processors are responsible for the virtually complete control of a smartphone, and camera functions on the chip are provided. With the new Samsung processor we can look forward to the Isocell camera sensor called Slim 2X7, which was introduced last month. Here, the maximum resolution is 24 megapixels. Individual pixels are only 0.9 microns "large". The slim construction, the sensor is perfect for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the next flagship of the Group.

It is completely unclear as yet, will be what features artificial intelligence on board. Here both Apple have presented strong with the A11 Bionic for the iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X and Huawei with the Kirin 970 for Mate 10 (Pro). It is assumed that Samsung wants to come to the same level at least here, not to be left behind. The Galaxy S9 is expected in early 2018th

Source: Samsung Newsroom via t3n



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